So I'm at the DMV...

Who says a visit to the DMV can't be fun?

The other day, I prepared myself to spend some quality time with an accurate cross-section of humanity -- one that only a visit to the DMV can give you.  I waited until the very last minute to renew my registration, so I went down to my neighborhood motor vehicle bureau, took a number, and got myself ready to spend an untold eternity waiting for "J877" to be called.  (For the record, I breezed through in three or four minutes, so... go me.)

I went for my cell phone, as most people of my age and disposition do when faced with a need to pass the time, even if only for a minute.  But I looked around and found a barage of signs explicitly instructing people to turn off their cell phones.  They... were... everywhere.  You could tell this bureau has had just about enough of your overly-loud inane conversations and "just a minute, I'm trying to text" antics.  But next to one of these signs, I saw another that begged -- no, screamed!) for an Instagram.

I would have snapped an actual picture of this truly wonderful fail, but... well... you know...

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