Recently, I had a check engine light on my 2001 Ford Windstar, so I took it to Autozone to have the code read. It came back with code P1518, with stands for “Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open.”

After reading forums, most pointed to a plastic “bushing” clip coming off leaving a control arm hanging loose, leaving the intake manifold hanging open. Luckily, I found a pack of replacement bushings (Dorman #47099) at O’Reilly Auto and managed to get a new one on with a couple pliers, and then I reinserted the control arm. Forums say that when this is replaced, the CEL should turn off on its own within a few days (about 60-120 miles of driving).

A few days later, the check engine light DID go away on its own. It’s difficult to say with certainty, but my van also feels a bit more responsive, especially accelerating to highway speeds. So all in all, a good $6 experiment seems to have paid off! I’ve heard from a number of YouTube commenters that this simple fix saved them hundreds at the dealership.

Article Name
How To Fix Code P1518 On A Ford Windstar
If you get error code P1518 (Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open) on your Ford Windstar, try this simple fix before taking it to the dealership.
Mark David Zahn
Mark David Zahn