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I've been a Roku believer for a while now. I think I got my first Roku back in 2011 - the boxy, clunky Roku XD. The streaming world has changed a ton since then, and so has Roku.

Sometimes it seems like - rarely in life - things don't really work out the way we intend them to. All we can hope for is that things eventually work out fine in the end.

It's just like Bob Ross says - you have to have darkness in order to show light. The truth is you never really appreciate how good something is until you experience the complete polar opposite.

I'm a sucker for Christmas. It's my absolute favorite time of year for so many reasons. The warmth. The family. The meaning. The festivities. The lights. The music. The presents.

Since you get a set of two, these gloves are a good value, and they're nice and thick with long sleeves. But they don't seem to be any more heat resistant than standard oven gloves.

If you can't swing the cost of an Apple TV or want format-agnostic screen mirroring for iOS and Android, this is a good, affordable option.

A really nice protective case for your laptop-sized portable USB hard drives, with a nice outer shell and padding, with nice elastic inside holding it all in place.

This is - hands down - the best car phone mount I've ever owned. Holds the windshield tight, operates with one hand and keeps the phone rock steady.


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