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Golden Winding Road - Door County Art Photo Print
Somewhere Over The Lift Bridge - Duluth Minnesota Art Photo Print
Heaven On Earth - Door County Wisconsin Art Photo Print

An unexpectedly solid speaker that sounds great indoors and out... and is built tough enough to go anywhere.

This mammoth SD card is roomy and reasonably fast in a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but it's not the fastest you can get.

A little lighter than the original, but highly capable and precise for N64 games.

Can a fitted crib sheet make a difference in a colder nursery during the winter months? Surprisingly yes.

Are wool dryer balls an all-natural replacement for dryer sheets, or just a bunch of wooly bully?

Works just as well as disposable Damp-Rid and infinitely reusable. A great overall value, especially when purchased in a twin pack.

It works reasonably well as a phone headset and streams audio from the phone, but it has proven to be annoyingly finicky.

Didn't know what to expect with a replacement part like this, but I find myself very impressed by the ease of installation and build quality of this piece.


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