Blustery Day At Anderson Barn

One of the most colorful and eclectic sights on Wisconsin’s Door County Peninsula, the Anderson Barn (now housing the Hardy Gallery) is blanketed with colorful graffiti, left by past visitors. Here it is pictured on a blustery fall day.

Lighthouse On Split Rock

Split Rock Lighthouse sits atop a steep and majestic cliff, overlooking Lake Superior from a perch along the historic and picturesque Highway 61 of Minnesota’s North Shore.

Nature’s Arbor Bouquet

Trees and other assorted colorful vegetation drape over the exposed cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment at High Cliff State Park near Sherwood, Wisconsin.

The Frost Across

The path across the swinging bridge at Jay Cooke State Park is crunchy underfoot as a new blanket of snow makes the shores and forest surrounding the St. Louis River white and frosty.

Rusted Beacon

The Duluth North Pier Light stands tall above the Lake Superior shipping canal on a foggy, overcast day. This lighthouse welcomes ships as they sail through the Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park, in Duluth, Minnesota.

Icicle Cliffs

The sun rises through wispy morning clouds, shedding light upon the icy jagged cliffs at Cave Point County Park in Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula.

Winding Crossroads

Just past Deer Trail on Highway 42 outside Gills Rock in Wisconsin’s picturesque Door County peninsula, the famed winding road is bookended by bursting fall colors.

Green Fresnel Gleaming

The South Breakwater Outer Light, on the south pier of the famous shipping canal in Duluth Minnesota, gleams green on a dreary late winter day.

Wequiock Walls Of Ice

The gorgeous craggy walls of the Niagara Escarpment at Wequiock Falls near Green Bay, Wisconsin, are stored away during the winter months behind towering walls of ice and snow.