Bridges, Boardwalks and Trestles

I've always been unconsciously drawn to bridges artistically. Not sure what it is about them, but I think it may have something to do with my love of architecture and the mix of textures you get in such photos -- the sharp, strong lines of the bridge and the softer, smoother, wavy textures of the waterways below. Maybe it also has something to do with the juxtaposition of man and nature. These things also extend to other subjects too, like boardwalks and trestles. Each one is unique, and I love finding interesting ways to feature them in my photos.

Somewhere Over The Lift Bridge - Duluth Minnesota Art Photo Print
A stark and colorful rainbow cuts across the famous Aerial Lift Bridge at Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota, as if to lead visitors out across the canal in search of the fabled pot of gold that may await them.
Lake Superior Skyscraper - Duluth Minnesota Art Photo Print
The sprawling web of steel that comprises the world famous Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, Minnesota stands tall above Lake Superior, acting as the signature Twin Ports skyscraper.
The Lovers, The Dreamers and Duluth - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

A rainbow cuts the sky over the famous Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.

Michigan Street Bridge After Dark - Door County Wisconsin Art Photography Print

The Michigan Street Bridge in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin serves as a vital gateway to the picturesque Door County peninsula. This digital oil painting was produced over a night photograph of the bridge of taken in March 2012.

Rawley Point Lighthouse Under Smoldering Skies - Wisconsin Art Photography Print

The Rawley Point Lighthouse, a historical fixture overlooking the sandy shores of Lake Michigan at Point Beach State Park, stands tall against the golden red skies of dusk.

Winter Sunrise Over A Swinging Bridge - Minnesota Art Photography Print

The newly rebuilt swinging bridge provides a path across the St. Louis River at Jay Cooke State Park, near Cloquet, Minnesota. A crisp, cold winter morning sets the stage for an ominous sunrise.

The Frost Across - Minnesota Art Photography Print

The path across the swinging bridge at Jay Cooke State Park is crunchy underfoot as a new blanket of snow makes the shores and forest surrounding the St. Louis River white and frosty.

Munger Trail Crossing - Minnesota Art Photography Print

A mighty steel bridge on the Willard Munger State Trail, near Jay Cooke State Park outside Cloquet, Minnesota, spans the Saint Louis River on a crisp winter morning.

An Evening Down In The Flats - Appleton Wisconsin Art Photography Print

The early glow of the streetlamps illuminates the new Olde Oneida Street bridge over the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Spring Sunset In Canal Park - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

Ice floes drift off Lake Superior and through the canal under Duluth, Minnesota's famous Aerial Lift Bridge. Nearby, spring melting creates pools of water on the north pier near Canal Park.


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