As a semi-amateur photographer who's always practicing my skills, lighthouses are both a joy to shoot as well as a challenge. Their very nature, standing proud and tall, causes me to think of all the different ways to frame my shots. They're also full of character and history, and I love accentuating the details when developing those shots after the fact.

Rusted Beacon - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The Duluth North Pier Light stands tall above the Lake Superior shipping canal on a foggy, overcast day. This lighthouse welcomes ships as they sail through the Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park, in Duluth, Minnesota.

Seagull Layover - Door County Art Photo Print
A colony of seagulls assembles on the North Pierhead Lighthouse looking over Lake Michigan at the Sturgeon Bay shipping canal, at the base of Wisconsin's picturesque Door County peninsula.
Brisk Afternoon At Menominee Harbor - Michigan Art Photo Print
A stiff wind drives the waters of Lake Michigan over the pier in the Menominee, Michigan harbor. The Menominee Pier Light stands strong overlooking the Michigan and Wisconsin border, while a steady stream of clouds roll in overhead.
Lighthouse Haze - Door County Wisconsin Art Photography Print
The first rays of the morning sunrise break over the hazy horizon beyond the Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse in Wisconsin's picturesque Door County peninsula.
Rawley Point Lighthouse Under Smoldering Skies - Wisconsin Art Photography Print

The Rawley Point Lighthouse, a historical fixture overlooking the sandy shores of Lake Michigan at Point Beach State Park, stands tall against the golden red skies of dusk.

Green Fresnel Gleaming - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The South Breakwater Outer Light, on the south pier of the famous shipping canal in Duluth Minnesota, gleams green on a dreary late winter day.

Split Rock Shoreline - Minnesota Art Photography Print

The Split Rock Lighthouse, one of the most popular and picturesque spots along Minnesota's North Shore, sits high atop the steep rock overlooking Lake Superior.

Stone And Ice At Wisconsin Point - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

The late winter ice shoves run up against the linear array of boulders that line a rocky path towards the Wisconsin Point Light, a spectacular lighthouse on Lake Superior, near the border between Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota.

Red Light On Lake Michigan - Door County Wisconsin Art Photography Print

The pierhead lighthouse at the Lake Michigan end of the Sturgeon Bay shipping canal extends out into the lake, serving as a crimson beacon into the vast watery expanse.

Lighthouse On Split Rock - Minnesota Art Photography Print

Split Rock Lighthouse sits atop a steep and majestic cliff, overlooking Lake Superior from a perch along the historic and picturesque Highway 61 of Minnesota's North Shore.


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