I've always been a fan of wide framing. At the tail end of the VHS era, I was the one who special ordered the widescreen edition of movies. I love going to big movie theaters and getting enveloped in images that fill my field of vision and get me to look at a scene from side to side. Perhaps that's why I love composing panoramic shots. I'm not just talking lush wide vistas of scenery, but also composing wide photos filled with subjects, like I'm blocking an old VistaVision film.

Sunflowers Before The Storm - Wisconsin Art Photo Print
Ominous-looking clouds precede a thunderstorm rolling in over a vast sunflower field in rural Wisconsin.
The Lovers, The Dreamers and Duluth - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

A rainbow cuts the sky over the famous Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.

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