I've always been a fan of wide framing. At the tail end of the VHS era, I was the one who special ordered the widescreen edition of movies. I love going to big movie theaters and getting enveloped in images that fill my field of vision and get me to look at a scene from side to side. Perhaps that's why I love composing panoramic shots. I'm not just talking lush wide vistas of scenery, but also composing wide photos filled with subjects, like I'm blocking an old VistaVision film.

Time Scrambler - Green Bay Wisconsin Art Photo Print
The mesmerizing whirling of The Scrambler ride at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin feels almost like one is stepping onto a time machine to another world.
Sunflowers Before The Storm - Wisconsin Art Photo Print
Ominous-looking clouds precede a thunderstorm rolling in over a vast sunflower field in rural Wisconsin.
The Lovers, The Dreamers and Duluth - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

A rainbow cuts the sky over the famous Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.

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