Photography Art

My photographic style is heavily influenced by rich colors, striking contrasts and heightened versions of reality. I usually always try to turn up the volume on what my camera captures to push it above what you would see if you were there in person. Sometimes, I take it another step further, adding a layer of artistic embellishment to make it something totally unique.
Sunflower Daze - Wisconsin Art Photography Print
A kaleidoscopic interpretation of a sunflower in a sunflower farm field, this glowing hypnotic pattern will bring warmth and color to any room.
Lighthouse Haze - Door County Wisconsin Art Photography Print
The first rays of the morning sunrise break over the hazy horizon beyond the Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse in Wisconsin's picturesque Door County peninsula.
Green Fresnel Gleaming - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The South Breakwater Outer Light, on the south pier of the famous shipping canal in Duluth Minnesota, gleams green on a dreary late winter day.

One Daisy Stands Out From The Bunch - Minnesota Art Photography Print
Taken along the shore of Big Lake, Cloquet, Minnesota US.
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