Twin Ports of Duluth Superior

I'm not from Northern Minnesota, but my wife is. Since getting married, it has become a second home to this Northeast Wisconsin native. We don't get up that way as often as we'd like, but every time we visit, I fall more and more in love with that area. It's bursting with photographic opportunities, from its wealth of interesting architecture to its picturesque landscapes. The twin ports of Duluth Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin is one truly special place.
Rusted Beacon - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The Duluth North Pier Light stands tall above the Lake Superior shipping canal on a foggy, overcast day. This lighthouse welcomes ships as they sail through the Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park, in Duluth, Minnesota.

Lake Superior Skyscraper - Duluth Minnesota Art Photo Print
The sprawling web of steel that comprises the world famous Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, Minnesota stands tall above Lake Superior, acting as the signature Twin Ports skyscraper.
Otherworldly Enger Tower - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

A sinister sky descends upon Duluth Minnesota's famous Enger Tower, casting an evil glow that's not of this world.

The Lovers, The Dreamers and Duluth - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

A rainbow cuts the sky over the famous Aerial Lift Bridge near Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.

Green Fresnel Gleaming - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The South Breakwater Outer Light, on the south pier of the famous shipping canal in Duluth Minnesota, gleams green on a dreary late winter day.

Stone And Ice At Wisconsin Point - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

The late winter ice shoves run up against the linear array of boulders that line a rocky path towards the Wisconsin Point Light, a spectacular lighthouse on Lake Superior, near the border between Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth North Breakwater Lighthouse - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The north breakwater lighthouse near the Aerial Lift Bridge casts an intermittent red glow over Duluth Minnesota's shipping canal, overlooking Lake Superior on a hazy late-summer evening.

Shadows Through The Gazebo - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The sun filters through the splendid gazebo at the Rose Garden in Duluth Minnesota.

Enger After Dark - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

Enger Tower stands as a glowing beacon high atop the hills above Duluth Minnesota, on a clear, starry summer evening.

North Pier Sunset Melt - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

Snow melting in spring washes across the north pier of the ship canal at Duluth, Minnesota's Canal Park area. The sunset casts a warm glow over the reflection in the water.


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