Munger Trail Crossing - Minnesota Art Photography Print

A mighty steel bridge on the Willard Munger State Trail, near Jay Cooke State Park outside Cloquet, Minnesota, spans the Saint Louis River on a crisp winter morning.

Early Snowfall On The Saint Louis River - Minnesota Art Photography Print

Snow blankets the land around the raging Saint Louis River at Jay Cooke State Park, near Cloquet, Minnesota.

Lighthouse On Split Rock - Minnesota Art Photography Print

Split Rock Lighthouse sits atop a steep and majestic cliff, overlooking Lake Superior from a perch along the historic and picturesque Highway 61 of Minnesota's North Shore.

Duluth North Breakwater Lighthouse - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The north breakwater lighthouse near the Aerial Lift Bridge casts an intermittent red glow over Duluth Minnesota's shipping canal, overlooking Lake Superior on a hazy late-summer evening.

Shadows Through The Gazebo - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

The sun filters through the splendid gazebo at the Rose Garden in Duluth Minnesota.

Enger After Dark - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

Enger Tower stands as a glowing beacon high atop the hills above Duluth Minnesota, on a clear, starry summer evening.

North Pier Sunset Melt - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

Snow melting in spring washes across the north pier of the ship canal at Duluth, Minnesota's Canal Park area. The sunset casts a warm glow over the reflection in the water.

Pier Happiness - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

The rocky pier walk out to Wisconsin Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior near Superior, Wisconsin is all smiles, thanks to some bright graffiti left on one of the pier's enormous boulders.

Lighthouse On The Rocks - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

A rocky pathway of enormous boulders leads the way out into Lake Superior to the Wisconsin Point lighthouse, near Superior, Wisconsin.

Spring Sunset In Canal Park - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print

Ice floes drift off Lake Superior and through the canal under Duluth, Minnesota's famous Aerial Lift Bridge. Nearby, spring melting creates pools of water on the north pier near Canal Park.


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