Asiacc Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter

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When I saw this item, I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. I have a Windows PC at work that I run the sound from a couple other devices through (my laptop and my phone, namely) so I can get all my audio in one set of earbuds. But the problem is I'm still tethered to the computer because my earbuds are connected to the computer. What I'd ideally want is for my earbuds to be Bluetooth (sold separately!) and the audio transmitted wireless to them from my computer so I can get up and roam the office freely.

So that's exactly how I tested this device. On paper, the device is pretty simple. It's got two ports and a button for power. One port is a micro USB charging/power port (a cable is provided - a charging block to plug into the wall is not) and the other is the 3.5mm stereo minijack to feed audio into the unit. The puck - as I call it - is small. Think about the diameter of a silver dollar. It also packs a rechargable battery inside that supposedly (according to the packaging) charges in 1.5 hours and powers the unit for 4 hours. As with all things, your mileage may vary.

Once you power the unit on, if it's already been paired with a Bluetooth headset or speakers, it will reconnect to those automatically. If it has not been paired to your desired device, power that device and put it in pairing mode before turning on this transmitter. After its initial reconnection attempt period, it will go searching for a device to pair with it. Then it just pretty much pairs automatically. This worked both with a set of Bluetooth earbuds and an over-the-air pair of headphones.

Sound quality was good, considering this is a Bluetooth device and you're losing some quality in that connection right off the bat. So it's not an audiophile device, but it's certainly serviceable. The headphones or speakers you pair it with will make more of a difference, really. If you want true sound quality in a streaming device, go with a Wi-Fi device like a Chromecast Audio. Connection quality was surprisingly good as well. With Bluetooth devices, range is kind of a crapshoot. On an unobstructed straight shot, I got nearly 80 feet before dropouts. Through walls the range and connection quality was shorter, but still pretty decent compared to other devices I've tried. I haven't really gotten a good sense yet on the battery life, but so far when I've had it off power, it's performed without a hiccup.

Overall, I'm very impressed by this device. I wasn't really expecting it to perform as well as it did but I'm certain it will get regular use in my office, and I will no longer be tethered to my desk. Freedom!

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