Cozy Fleece Microplush Fitted Crib Sheet

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It's hard to believe that crib sheets could make much of a difference, but it's possible.

My infant son sleeps in a crib in a corner room which doesn't get the best coverage by our furnace in the winter. It seemed like after rocking him asleep, we'd set him down in his crib and the cool sheets would stir him awake. These sheets helped substantially with this problem. The microplush fabric has a naturally warmer feel to them, in addition to terrific softness. That said, I don't think they'd necessarily be tossed aside during the summer. I think they'd actually be great for year-round use.

They fit our crib mattress well, and they seem to get softer with each washing. They're not the best at repelling fresh stains. They're actually really absorbant as you would imagine. But they wash up well and they seem like they'd last a good while. We're particularly fond of the blue sheet because the contrasting color makes it easier to see lost pacifiers during the night when our son stirs awake looking for it.

Overall, we're very happy with these sheets and would order them again.

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