DUSA Heat Resistant BBQ Grill And Oven Gloves

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We grill a lot during the summer, and I have a variety of grill baskets and pans that I use for things like vegetables, french fries and burger toppings. So I like to get in there, grab onto the pan and toss their contents to make sure everything's cooking nice and evenly. So having a good set of barbecue gloves is essential to me. My grill often tops out at 550 degrees if I'm doing some heavy-duty searing, so flimsy, clumsy gloves just don't cut it.

Earlier this summer, I had the chance to test out a set of Ove Gloves like you see on TV commercials, but they just aren't made for grilling. They're not resistant to those high temperatures, they can sometimes be hard to get on and off, and they aren't long enough for reaching into the grill and grabbing the stray potato that may have landed on the back of the grill.

So I was really excited to try out these grill gloves from DUSA, which they claim are "extreme heat resistant" up to 932 degrees. Hell, they even say you can reach into a campfire and move logs around. So I figured these would be a marked improvement for grilling.

Let's talk construction first. These gloves are nice and heavy, to be sure. They seem to have multiple layers of material which is likely where it's supposed to get its heat protection. They are nice and big for large hands like me, but they're not too big. My wife has smaller hands than me and she had problems with the Ove Glove, but she fared better with these. They have nice long sleeves that go most of the way up my forearm, which is better for reaching across a hot grill. They also have lots of dotted silicone all over both sides to provide an extra layer of protection.

So how did they perform? Unfortunately, I couldn't really tell all that much difference in heat resistance between these and standard Ove Gloves. They seem to still allow me about 5 or 6 seconds of continuous grill pan holding before the heat penetrates to my fingers, which is disappointing considering these are supposedly rated for extreme temperatures. That said, they are usable for grilling, but I just have to move fast and work in shorter contact periods when I'm handling pans. For just reaching above the grill, they work much better because I'm not directly touching rocket-hot surfaces.

I think the design flaw in these gloves that - if corrected - could make these gloves way better is if the silicone dots wrapped all the way around the fingers. When I'm pinching the side of a grill pan or holding onto a handle, a good part of the hot pan contacts my hand in the crook of my thumb and index finger, where there is only raw glove material protecting against heat. If they reinforced this area with more silicone, these would be a much more solid set of gloves for the barbecue.

I do happen to like that they come as a set for a reasonable price. That's something that sets it apart from the Ove Glove I tested earlier this summer, whose retail value was probably near that of this set. Except for the lack of silicone in a key area, these are really well made gloves. They are solidly put together, and don't in any way feel cheap or like they'll come apart after a normal amount of use.

These are good gloves at a good price that could be outstanding with a subtle redesign in certain places, but nonetheless a good overall performer for most grillers.

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