ENJOWI Car Phone Dash Mount Holder

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OK, let's start this out with a confession - I've gone through A LOT of car phone mounts over the last couple years. My original favorite was one by Monoprice that is no longer made, and recently broke on a recent car trip. I've tried a number of others since then and my most recent favorite was a Scosche brand I picked up from Target, but I liked it with some major caveats.

Then I happened upon the opportunity to give this one a trial run, and trust me when I say this - this is probably my favorite car phone mount of all... with one or two very small caveats.

First let's talk about what I'm looking for in a car phone mount. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - a HUGE phone, that is my day-to-day normal phone. I use it for Waze, Google Maps and music/podcasts in the car. I occasionally use it for recording dash videos or "selfie" videos if I'm doing a video blog on my long morning commutes. I also have an iPhone 5S - my old phone - which I still keep around more for its video recording capabilities. So I'm looking for a car phone mount that not only nicely holds the phone for GPS purposes, but can also hold the phone steady for video recording. My Scosche mount has a long arm and a very narrow clasp, which is good for quick grip of the phone and holding it near the steering wheel, but not at all good for holding the phone steady. It also had a good suction cup that seemed like it could be moved repeatedly from one place to the other without having to wait for the cup elasticity to recover.

Now let's talk this ENJOWI mount. The first thing you'll notice about this mount versus others is the suction cup. Instead of being a somewhat rigid plastic, it's almost a gel material that's sticky like one of those elastic sticky hands you would get in the quarter prize bins at a grocery store. When you stick it to the windshield, it sticks very well on its own before you even close the lever to secure it. When you do close the lever, it's STUCK. This is probably THE most secure mount I've used... period. I can really crank on it, and it does not move. So can it be unclamped and moved and still retain its holding power? The answer is yes. In fact, when you release the lever, you REALLY have to peel on it hard to get it off. You can then re-stick it and it holds just as well. As I've only been testing it about a week, my only concern is - over time - will the gel material still stick if it becomes dirty with dirt and hair and other gunk from your car, like one of those elastic hands eventually gets gross and dirty and no longer sticks. I don't know if the cup can be cleaned and reused over and over in the long term, but I hope so.

Onto the mount itself, and my main caveat with this model - it's short. It holds your phone very close to the windshield. Now this is good for holding the phone steady. The longer the arm, the more it can move. But for the size of the side clamps and the size of my phone, you pretty much either need to keep your phone rotated in landscape mode, or you need to tilt your phone downwards a bit if left in portrait orientation. Most of the time I keep my phone in landscape, especially if I'm video recording, so this isn't a huge issue, but one to note.

The clamp that holds your phone in is probably my favorite design of all the car phone mounts I've tried, and the only one I can truly operate one-handed while driving with any confidence. It's spring loaded, forcing you to expand the clamp until your phone seats into it, at which time it holds your phone by spring power. What's nice is I can push the edge of my phone into one side forcing it to expand, rock the phone into place, and let the spring of the clamp squeeze onto the phone. To remove the phone, I just push on the phone to spring open the clamp a little, making it easy to remove the phone. It's super easy. I really like this design over the others that make you ratchet the clamp closed to hold the phone, then push a button to release it. This is truly a nice design.

Also nice is the ball swivel, that makes turning and tilting the phone nice and easy, yet it holds it in position firmly enough that it's rock solid still when I'm recording video. Since the arm on this mount is so short, I can put my phone fully in this mount and shoot out the front of the windshield and get a full width view of the road without the mount getting partially in the shot. That's something my other mounts with longer arms wouldn't give me.

Overall, with very very minor caveats, I couldn't recommend this mount more highly. It really is my new favorite mount, especially for content creators who record videos in the car. It's a super easy hands-free device that's easily operated with one hand and it provides a really secure hold for your precious phone. I really, truly love it, and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

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