KAERSI K1 Aluminum Desktop Smartphone and Tablet Stand

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When I'm at work, I use my phone a lot, but having it sitting flat on the desk is not the best experience. I've wanted some kind of stand I can put my phone on that would hold it at a nice angle for viewing notifications, and also that would make it easy to swipe and tap without picking it up.

This phone stand fits the bill. It holds my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at a perfect viewing angle on my desk, allowing me to see the screen without glare, casually tap and interact with it, and keep it plugged in at the same time.

Let's talk build quality. This stand is nicely designed and super solid, yet light. It reminds me a lot of the stand for the iMac with the way the foot is designed, and the cutout hole for cables on the back, so it would make a nice compliment to a Mac desktop. It's a nice hefty piece of aluminum with nice rubber padding on the bottom and in the phone cradle. This protects from scratches but also keeps the stand from sliding on the desk when you're using it.

What about function? The best position your phone can be in this stand is portrait, because that's the position where you get the most confident hold. You can put your phone in landscape as well, but it moves a little when you tap on the sides of the screen. There's a nice lip to the bottom of the cradle so it probably wouldn't come off if you tap too hard but portrait is the way to go. It can hold a tablet up to the size of a regular iPad, but I would only use it with a tablet if you just intend to hold it and not touch or tap it in either orientation. In portrait, the tablet may be too top-heavy and fall over backwards. In landscape, tapping a tablet may cause it to tip sideways. This isn't a concern for me because I don't intend to use it for a tablet, but it's a good thing to know.

My one caveat with this stand is the cord cutout in the cradle. While it does allow me to use cables with big ends on them without bumping on the desk, you are pretty much limited to only plugging in cables that go in the bottom center of the phone. (This would be a great case for iPhone 7 with just a lightning jack.) I have my power and audio cables plugged in all day at work, which causes the phone to sit offset in the stand, which isn't a huge issue but it's a small caveat to consider. Also, the cradle will likely cover up your speaker and microphone on the bottom of the phone, so bear that in mind when thinking about how you'll use it. Since I'm plugging the phone into speakers or headphones, this doesn't pose an issue to my use of this stand.

But overall, I'm extremely happy with the stand on the whole. It's nice-looking, it's super-solid and it does what I need it to do.

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