Moen 114299 Replacement Faucet Hose Kit

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I feel like a dunce - I almost called a plumber to replace this!

One morning, my wife woke me up saying the sink in the bathroom was spraying water everywhere under the cabinets. Not what you want to hear ever, am I right? I peak underneath to find that the hot water supply hose between the handle and the spout (if that's the correct term - I'm obviously not a plumber) snapped off. It looked like the plastic connector end severed at the crimped metal collar, so it didn't (to me) appear to be serviceable. I mean, hey... I never saw parts like this at Home Depot, right?

I was all ready to have a plumber come in and had full replacement faucet hardware picked out. Luckily for me, I have a stellar plumber who I use from time to time who will give me advice when its a simple thing like this rather than take advantage of me and come do a service call. What I discovered is that this assembly literally snaps into place, and removing it is literally undoing clips and pulling it off. I was a little hesitant after reading some reviews here saying that the new assembly didn't appear to be as good in terms of quality as the old one.

I feel this new assembly is way stronger and more solidly-built than the old one. The hoses themselves are metal braided hoses like the good ones you get for your toilet or washing machines. The plastic clip connectors at all three ends also feel beefier and more solidly constructed. These pushed on and solidly snapped into place, holding on firmly and snugly. After turning the water back on and opening up the handles (and a little air to push through the lines), it was like a brand new faucet.

Very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

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