OFKP Heat Resistant Oven Glove

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We do a lot of grilling during the summer, and we do practically everything on the grill - from meats to sides. So I have a number of grill baskets that I use for things like vegetables, frozen fries and small meats like shrimp. I wanted a barbecue mitt I could use to grasp my grill baskets and toss my food for even cooking.

We've all seen the "Ove Glove" on TV, but I had never tried one until now. On first glance, it's a heavy woven mitt with more material on the inside (presumably for heat protection) and silicone webbing on the fingers and palms. This single glove is not exactly "one size fits all" - my wife has smaller hands and she found this glove unwieldy. I, on the other hand, have larger hands, and had to make a small amount of effort to slip on this glove, but I attribute that more to the excess of material in its construction than the sizing. For me, it's not uncomfortable to wear, but it is more difficult to get off in a pinch versus a regular oven mitt.

The product description, and many of the commercials, show this as being a good grilling companion, so I was eager to give it a try on my grill. After a couple weeks of trials with our grill and grasping hot grill baskets, I find it's not as good for the grill as I'd hoped. I find I can only grasp hot grill baskets for a few moments before feeling heat in my fingers. I have a siliconized fabric oven mitt to test in comparison, and I found it insulated my hand more than the Ove Glove. If I were to use this for anything on the grill, it would be more for direct handling of certain foods like sweet corn or baked potatoes rather than metal instruments like pots, pans or skewers.

That said, how does it perform in an "Ove" situation? Quite well. I'm not certain whether this is a difference in the heat level, or the things I'm grasping, or the way I'm grasping them, but I didn't have the same quick discomfort taking things like baking sheets out of an oven. Even in a 400-500 degree grill, I'm sure the grill baskets are absorbing and radiating more heat than a 400 degree indoor oven. Whatever the reason, I found the Ove Glove to be a capable oven mitt substitute for indoor use, though it does still suffer from the same issue with being more difficult to take off versus a standard oven mitt. The fingered mitten design does offer more dexterity and agility over a mitt, so assuming you don't have to slip it on and off frequently, you may find more control with the Ove Glove. I would recommend it with some caveats, but I will definitely keep it in my kitchen arsenal.

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