Wireless Wi-Fi HDMI Display Dongle Adapter

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So right off the bat, let's get straight what this product is. It's not a Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. It's really a screen mirroring device that puts what you see on your mobile device on your TV or HDMI-enabled monitor. So this doesn't have built-in apps for Netflix or any of those services. But if you're looking for a device that lets you share a screen on a big TV or projector, this is a good budget option.

This device is designed very much like those aforementioned devices. It's an HDMI stick with a micro-USB jack for its power. Out of the box it broadcasts a Wi-Fi SSID that you can connect your device to, and you can also set it up to jump on your home Wi-Fi so devices on your network can see it as a screen mirroring device. It works with Android, Airplay for Apple devices, DLNA and Miracast.

Now I'm used to using an Apple TV with Airplay for screen mirroring, so I was excited to try out something that had both Airplay and Android screen mirroring capabilities. It works pretty darn good with both, though I'd say it works a little smoother with Android. I think you really need to have good Wi-Fi to make video mirroring work smoothly - it hiccuped a little for me on both platforms, but I've been having wi-fi issues in my home recently so I can't fully chock up my issues to this device. Note that it doesn't have ethernet, which I would recommend if you need mission-critical video mirroring from a mobile device to a screen.

It was pretty easy to set up and it worked very well for basic screen mirroring, but again, video for me was a tad choppy. It sensed automatically which orientation my device was in and rotated the display accordingly. There was very slight pixelation and blocking in basic Airplay mirroring, but basic screen mirroring on Android (with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) was sharp and clear.

Overall for the price, I'm very happy with this device as a budget alternative for an Apple TV for screen mirroring purposes, but make sure your network is sound to get the most from the experience. One nice bonus is you get a short HDMI extension cable to ensure that you can plug this into your TV without bumping into other cables or devices.

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