Since you get a set of two, these gloves are a good value, and they're nice and thick with long sleeves. But they don't seem to be any more heat resistant than standard oven gloves.

If you can't swing the cost of an Apple TV or want format-agnostic screen mirroring for iOS and Android, this is a good, affordable option.

A really nice protective case for your laptop-sized portable USB hard drives, with a nice outer shell and padding, with nice elastic inside holding it all in place.

This is - hands down - the best car phone mount I've ever owned. Holds the windshield tight, operates with one hand and keeps the phone rock steady.

I wasn't expecting much from this inexpensive Bluetooth audio transmitter, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it performed.

This is a very well-made, stylish and functional smartphone stand that will probably outlive your next several smartphones.

While it seemed like a pretty good budget alternative to the Thermapen probe-style cooking thermometer, it died after only a few uses.

Whether you're needing a wi-fi camera for security purposes or just checking in on the cat, this camera by GT Road may fit the bill.

This is no cheap smartphone wide angle lens. It's beefy glass, well made and it produces great results, though close objects come out fish eyed.

This is the watermelon slicer you've seen on TV, or a version of it, and it works just as well as the ads show. I wasn't expecting that.


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