Cell Phones

This is - hands down - the best car phone mount I've ever owned. Holds the windshield tight, operates with one hand and keeps the phone rock steady.

I wasn't expecting much from this inexpensive Bluetooth audio transmitter, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it performed.

This is a very well-made, stylish and functional smartphone stand that will probably outlive your next several smartphones.

This is no cheap smartphone wide angle lens. It's beefy glass, well made and it produces great results, though close objects come out fish eyed.

A good - nearly great - case for the Galaxy S7 Edge, and yet it still isn't the day-to-day case I use on my phone.

This portable charger has just about everything you could want: big capacity, big variety of ports, and quick charging in and out.

I had high hopes for this Galaxy S7 Edge case, but the materials and design of the case failed to hold up after two months of delicate use.

An unexpectedly solid speaker that sounds great indoors and out... and is built tough enough to go anywhere.

It works reasonably well as a phone headset and streams audio from the phone, but it has proven to be annoyingly finicky.

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