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Typically, the things I review are those I purchase in my everyday life for personal or professional use.

As I’ve published my reviews, a number of companies and individuals have reached out to me to get constructive criticism or reviews done on their products, places or services. I have also worked directly with companies confidentially in a consulting arrangement, providing feedback on products in development.

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  • Items or services reviewed must be provided free or at a significantly discounted rate.
  • I am less likely to accept requests for review that involve cost – even significantly discounted. Reviews are not my main occupation and my money is tight.
  • There are certain things I will likely refuse to review. This is typically due to things like personal preferences (ie. foods I don’t like), moral reasons, logistical issues (ie. something I can’t fit in my house), conflicts of interest, or things I don’t have expertise in.
  • If items must be returned after review, the third-party is responsible for return costs.
  • I always specify in my reviews where and how I obtained the items, and whether they were provided free or discounted.
  • I provide an honest, thorough review┬áin all cases, whether or not the products was purchased by me or provided by a third-party. If you provide me something to review, you must live with my honest opinion.
  • My reviews include photos and/or videos.
  • I am willing to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) in the event that a third-party is requesting my private consultations.
  • I cannot guarantee turnaround time of published reviews.

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