The QICENT 2.5" SATA to USB 3.0 hard drive enclosure is a great value for a variety of uses, from making your own portable storage to PC repair applications.

A good - nearly great - case for the Galaxy S7 Edge, and yet it still isn't the day-to-day case I use on my phone.

The Ove Glove works good for indoor ovens, but it's not really great for BBQ grill use as this Amazon listing suggests.

This portable charger has just about everything you could want: big capacity, big variety of ports, and quick charging in and out.

I had high hopes for this Galaxy S7 Edge case, but the materials and design of the case failed to hold up after two months of delicate use.

Not the best tea infuser ball on the market, but a solid and very capable strainer for large loose teas and cooking herbs.

An unexpectedly solid speaker that sounds great indoors and out... and is built tough enough to go anywhere.

This mammoth SD card is roomy and reasonably fast in a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but it's not the fastest you can get.

A little lighter than the original, but highly capable and precise for N64 games.

Can a fitted crib sheet make a difference in a colder nursery during the winter months? Surprisingly yes.


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