Are wool dryer balls an all-natural replacement for dryer sheets, or just a bunch of wooly bully?

Works just as well as disposable Damp-Rid and infinitely reusable. A great overall value, especially when purchased in a twin pack.

It works reasonably well as a phone headset and streams audio from the phone, but it has proven to be annoyingly finicky.

Didn't know what to expect with a replacement part like this, but I find myself very impressed by the ease of installation and build quality of this piece.

The adage "you get what you pay for" is often true, and this adapter is no exception. The build quality is lacking and display quality issues have manifested over time.

This kids alarm clock is quirky cute and works well, but would have liked an AC power option.

The Earthquake MC43 is one scrappy little workhorse, but its manual and customer service could be better.


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