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Content marketing for restaurants: Make me hungry, dammit!

I’ve had the occasion lately to look at some marketing agencies’ YouTube channels, and some have featured portfolio clips of work done for restaurants.  Oddly enough, they seem to be missing the one major purpose (and unique opportunity) of doing a content marketing video for such a client — making me want to reach right through […]

Pillarboxing, and why content creators need to avoid it like the plague

Let me get this out of the way up front.  I judge you harshly due to your… orientation. I’m talking about video production here, and to be blunt, cellphones are quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to video.  That’s not to say that putting the ability for anyone and everyone to shoot broadcast-quality video in […]

Good will is always the best direction

I’ve been doing photography as an “art form” for almost two years now, and while the financial rewards have been minimal, becoming part of a community of talented Midwest photographers has been infinitely more fulfilling.  In any creative endeavor I’ve been involved with, I’ve always enjoyed meeting like-minded folks and talking shop. As I’ve built […]