Superior Wisconsin

Stone And Ice At Wisconsin Point - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

The late winter ice shoves run up against the linear array of boulders that line a rocky path towards the Wisconsin Point Light, a spectacular lighthouse on Lake Superior, near the border between Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota.

Pier Happiness - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

The rocky pier walk out to Wisconsin Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior near Superior, Wisconsin is all smiles, thanks to some bright graffiti left on one of the pier's enormous boulders.

Lighthouse On The Rocks - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

A rocky pathway of enormous boulders leads the way out into Lake Superior to the Wisconsin Point lighthouse, near Superior, Wisconsin.

Lighthouse Amongst The Tall Grass - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

The lighthouse at Wisconsin Point, near Superior, Wisconsin, is visible on the horizon, over a stretch of tall grasses along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Lighthouse On Stone And Ice - Duluth Superior Art Photography Print

Ice shoves from Lake Michigan push against the massive boulders that line the path to Wisconsin Point's lighthouse, near Superior, Wisconsin.

Lake Superior Lighthouse - Duluth Minnesota Art Photography Print
Taken in March 2012 on Lake Superior, at Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota, USA.
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