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Low-Cost Gravity Irrigation System From A Rain Barrel

I’m an idea guy with an insatiable love of tinkering and finding better ways to do things.  I’ve built and repaired computers.  I’ve learned web design by turning my ideas into fully-functional local niche web communities.  I’ve also gotten quite good at landscaping and fixing things around the house.  But for the past five years, my garden has […]

Pillarboxing, and why content creators need to avoid it like the plague

Let me get this out of the way up front.  I judge you harshly due to your… orientation. I’m talking about video production here, and to be blunt, cellphones are quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to video.  That’s not to say that putting the ability for anyone and everyone to shoot broadcast-quality video in […]

Why a DSLR is the perfect choice for social multimedia

If you’ve ever watched the Food Network program Good Eats, you know the mantra about “multitaskers.”  Like Alton Brown says, unitaskers don’t make much sense when you can get one thing that does double duty (or more). That’s why I have a new choice for my drop-dead, must-have multimedia tool for anyone producing content to […]